Wenger Predicts There Will Be a Female Manager

Wenger Predicts There Will Be a Female Manager

Arsenal’s Arsenal tactician Arsene Wenger has recently predicted there will be female spoils in the English Premier League within the next ten to 15 years.

Wenger, who signed a two-year contract extension at the Emirates Stadium at the end of last season, spoke at an event hosted by the Football Writers Association in London. He said he saw there would be a change in how to run the club in the top competition.

The manager reportedly strongly disagree with the plans for the appointment of director of football at Arsenal. Wenger sees there is now increasing attention to technical analysis in running the club, those who will then shift the position or role of what he calls a “football specialist”.

“Personally I’m sure it [a female manager in the Premier League] will happen soon,” Wenger told local media.

“I’m sure in ten or 15 years a football specialist will not be a club manager.”

“You will have many scientists around the team, those who will lead the team to play at the weekend, there will be more management specialists than football specialists.”

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