Tottenham Wants Andre Gomes January Later

Tottenham Wants Andre Gomes January Later

Tottenham Hotspur are still keen on signing Barcelona midfielder Andre Gomes, according to reports circulating in Spain.

Gomes, who bought Barcelona for 35 million euros in the summer of 2016, had almost joined with Spurs at the end of the transfer market ago, but failed to materialize.

Initially he called will be a loan player, but Tottenham even want to directly buy it permanently.

Last week, local media said that Spurs are still interested in Gomes, although it is unclear whether they have spoken to Barcelona or to its agent, Jorge Mendes.

Juventus are also linked with Gomes, but they are no longer interested in him.

Spurs themselves are actually more likely to hook Ross Barkley, which will also be cheaper because the contract is only a few months remaining with Everton.

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