Front Line Bali United So Attention Persib

Front Line Bali United So Attention Persib

The sharpness of the front line of Bali United Persib Bandung attention in the game at the Stadium Si Starling Harupat, Thursday (21/09/2017).

Assistant coach Persib, Herrie Setyawan claimed to have instructed players to pay special attention to the front line of the care team Widodo C Putro.

“We have a scheme to dampen them, we know the quality of the players like Sylvano, Irfan, Lilipaly, Flores and Van der Velden.” Hopefully we can drown them all, “Herrie told a news conference on Wednesday (20/09/2017 ).

Bali United is the sharpest team in League 1. Team nicknamed Seridian Tridatu has 54 times ripped the opponent’s goal.

There are four names that most often contribute. They are Nick van der Velden (5 goals, 2 assists), Marcos Flores (6 goals, 6 assists), Irfan Bachdim (6 goals, 8 assists), and Sylvano Comvalius (26 goals, 4 assists).

“We want to setop Bali United, especially because we play at home, hopefully our defense will perform optimally,” he explained.

Herrie insists his team does not want to play defensive and eyeing the victory to lift the position of Maung Bandung in the League 1 standings.

“There are times when we focus on defending, but we know when to attack, Persib want to target victory and keep the positive trend,” he concluded.