Paul Merson Geram with Arsenal

Paul Merson Geram with Arsenal

Arsenal legend Paul Merson describes the team he once defended very embarrassing because Burnley managed to outperform in the Premier League standings.

Where the Gunners scattered from the top five after the last three games have not won one of them at the defeat of Manchester United 3-1 at home and on two away games respectively Southampton and West Ham United are only able to play a draw.

So the negative result puts London Red is ranked seventh with 30 points packed. While The Clarets were able to stay on top of the board after two games at home successfully two wins over Watford and recently Stoke City. Even the predicted teams besutan Sean Dyche team could be a surprise team like Leicester City two seasons ago.

Despite a furious look at Arsenal’s position in the standings, but the 49-year-old man remains confident when carrying Newcastle United in the 18th week Olivier Giroud Cs can achieve perfect results considering the game will take place at the Emirates stage on Saturday night.

“Nothing has changed at Arsenal. We until the 17th week is still under Burnley. It’s a shame, “Paul Merson told the media.

“You can understand after five or six matches, if someone starts the game can over want, but this has entered 17 matches. I do not know where Arsenal’s position will finish.

“I have said before that Alexis Sabchez and Mesut Ozil will probably survive but now I think they should leave because they have not done anything.

“Even so, I hope they can win the game weekend. If they can choose themselves any team to play, it is Newcastle.

“Now the question arises why Arsenal managed at home and not in away games? Because it is easier if played on the cage. You can often master the ball and play in different ways.

“The team that won the trophy can be on away games and also home and stay strong and win the game.”